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Main features

Change logs

978: Support user defined http request headers. Newbing/chatGPT can be default engine in China etc.
975: Bookmarks to support styling for markdown etc.
971: multiple type profiles: switch any data including website logins, user configurations orthogonally.
968: multiple links support for single MENU/(New)Button/GESTURE definition.
964: site source html preprocessing before rendering with user site extra html.
961: webdav/http file upload support with "i:0u" links.
956: Search engines (.search file) to apply same folder "home.css". Use POST type search engine as bookmark for auto login.
955: Address bar: ":!" or "!" for command line support (.js/.sh files as executables).
949: Address bar: ":p [width in milliInch]x[height]" to generate PDF in custom size
946: Option "use offline cache" to support serverless local websites.

945: commands to support evaluation of generated js code.

943: Multiple home screens support .mht (offline webpage), .search & .html local files.

940: Any urls as website with local html processing ("i:0m/..../xxx.html:url")



Last Modified: 6 March 2023
add bingchat/newbing support